| Saturday, July 5, 2008

Jeffers was a star pupil. He took to herding right away!

Chewie was remedial. He was demoted to ducks.
After all that work they cooled off at the reservoir together.


River said...

Well, we all have to start somewhere! And I'd think duckies would be more challenging than sheep. Sheep KNOW they are to be herded but duckies don't. Good luck!

love & wags,

Crystal said...

Aw, Chewie didn't do too bad - he just needs more time and exposure!! Same with Madison! I think next month I'm going to take Jeffers back and take Madison for another session. You should do the same for Chewie in three months :) However, if you have a chance to just get him around livestock (like letting him see them through the fence) I'd say go for it! He needs to build his confidence!