Chewie emotional assistance animal extraordinaire

| Thursday, March 13, 2008

Today Chewie took his first flight. We had to come to Miami to see my dad who hasn't been doing well. Given that I have a horrible fear of flying, I had a doctor write a note asking that he be allowed to fly with him as my emotional assistance dog. The good news is it worked! I was able to fly without taking any medicine, without digging my nails through my husband's hand, and without having any panic attacks. Chewie was perfectly well-behaved during the flight thanks to a long walk before-hand and a lot of planning.

We put on his little coat to make him look more "official" and it did. Here he is lounging on floor of Reagan National:
Once we arrived in Florida he immediately had his first encounter with a grandma.Enjoying the much thicker "Florida Grass"


Frank L said...

Good! I was going to say that it's about time for that Dog to start doing something productive over there :) Pulling his own weight-which has doubled in two weeks by the way :)

Seriously though, it's very good to see that Chewie is helping you, at least a little bit, through a rough time. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this very rough time.