Shout-outs to Sylar and Opie

| Friday, March 7, 2008

Another family member joins in on the cuteness!
Sylar, the last puppy left from the litter, made it to the Daily Puppy! Again if you are awesome and loving and fun, get this puppy! Especially if you live near DC!!!!

I also got a very sweet email from Opie's mom, and I just wanted to show off this adorable little fan. I bet his mom snuggles him to pieces! His eyes are gorgeous like my little Chewie's.


Crystal said...

Aw, Opie is adorable! I love the ticking!

Diane said...

His eyes were the reason I brought him home from the shelter. Thanks Desiree for posting his pic.

Opie's Mom said...

Sylar looks like such a happy pup in the Daily Puppy pictures. A real cutey.