Chewie leaves for boarding school :(

| Saturday, April 19, 2008

One last game of fetch with mommy.

Cute in the car

Smelling the hamlette and cheesy tots

Checking out daddy's croissanwich

No idea he's about to be left behind for 2 weeks :(
Chewie should come back knowing how to heel, halt, wait, go to spot and having perfected his sit/stay and down/stay. In the meantime if anyone has cute pics for me to feature let me know in the comments or send me a link. Otherwise I'll be posting cute picture I had not featured before as I cry a river into my keyboard.


Kim said...

Oh man....once Chewie's back from boarding school, he's going to make Bentley look very, very bad in the Woofs! obedience classes! :) We can't wait to hear how Chewie's boarding school experience goes. He's a great pup -what a cutie!

Our son Greyson wanted us to tell you a message from him:
"You have like the sweetest dog in the world!"

Take care-

Diane said...

How could you be separated from our baby Chewie for two weeks? I miss him and I've never even been able to touch his soft coat. Please post more baby pics when you can.