Chewie's injury!

| Sunday, June 29, 2008

Chewie got hurt at the dog park and got a gash above his left eye. This is while we waited for the vet to open.

This is our old buddy Toby. He was there picking up his frontline. (He had a flea!)
Here's Chewie after the vet. They shaved the area and glued his skin shut. Poor ittle guy.
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River said...

Oh no! Looks kind of nasty. Hope he feels better soon. (although for 'guys' it's manly to have scars)

love & wags,

Meeg said...

I hope your little Left Eye feels better soon.

diane said...

What happened to the other guy? I hope Chewie let him have it. Some dog owners don't know how to socialize their dogs at dog parks. Opie got attacked by a gang of three dogs the other day. They all hang together and he was the odd man out. Their parents sort of told their dogs "NO" and left it at that. I took Opie away from them since he's not a wimp and may decide to defend himself. I hope Chewie gets better soon. Nothing can destroy his handsome face.