Puppy meet-up

| Monday, June 9, 2008

Today we met up with Westwood Minis to trade pups for a week. Chewie went there to have him mom, sister and "step-brother" rid him off his resource guarding, and we took, the dad to give them a break while the mom is in heat. We were going to meet half-way in Charlottesville, so we decided to contact the owners of the two other puppies from Chewie's litter that live there. We met at Ginger's new house.

Jeffers, Reagan and Maddie sharing water
Chewie, Ridge and Ginger
Big sis Maddie ignoring Chewie

Reagan, Maddie, Jeffers and Chewie
Ginger and Chewie! So cute.


diane said...

Chewie is the cutest although Ridge is a close second. What is "resource guarding"?

DLC said...

Getting aggressive when other dogs approach "his" ball, toy, mommy, etc.