Adopting Doggies!!!!

| Friday, November 21, 2008

Yesterday I took a trip to the Animal Welfare League of Arlington, my local animal shelter, to donate some treats and other surplus things that we had for Chewie. The AWLA is a wonderful organization with a lot of very cute animals for adoption. While there I bought a great sticker that informs emergency service workers that there is a dog inside the house. This made me think that I want to offer a free 30 minute walk to people in Arlington and Alexandria who have adopted dogs from shelters, through Arlington Dog Nanny.

For people who think Mini Aussies are the bee's knees, you can adopt or foster one through MARS or you can check out Mac, Chewie's newest friend on Dogster. He is pretty cute!

He's only in Ohio, just a few states away! Must...resist...urge!


River said...

He's mighty cute and he'll definitely need a home for the holidays!

love & wags,