On Dancer, On Prancer, On Chewie, On Jeffers!

| Saturday, November 29, 2008

and Jeffers!


diane said...

Chewie looks like he's laughing at this too.

Allison said...

out of control. they are soooooo cute in costume.

Ripley said...

Ripley said he likes your blog, Chewie. Ripley hopes you will check out his hiking club and maybe he'll see you there someday because you look like a dog who knows how to have a good time!


Vim said...

I got this exact reindeer outfit for Benson a few years ago. I bought Skooter a Santa Claus outfit. Anyways, they would walk around together in their outfits and kids would stop to ask me if Benson was supposed to be a moose.

C'mon kids, really? Did Santa have moose?

I must say, Chewie fits the outfit waay better than Benson does. Shh. Don't tell Benson I said that ;).