Picture and video of the day 2-14-08 Puppy Kindergarten

| Thursday, February 14, 2008

Here is a taste of what puppy kindergarten was like. That is his new friend Zoe. For more adorable pictures and videos go here. Class was great. Most of the time was spent playing and letting the little guys socialize. Contrary to his usual personality our boy was shy and reserved, and of course perfectly well behaved, so we got no help with the nipping.

However, he did attempt to go shrimping on the guy wearing sandals:


Crystal said...

He's an awfully cute foot shark :) Though I'm sure it's not all too cute when he's actually on the offense and seeking out toes/feet to nip!

MJK said...

OK, while this is rather cute you PARENTs worry me. I mean if you are like this with a puppy, what are you going to be like with a human baby-clarke?!?!?!??!?!

DLC said...

Um, we decided getting up twice per night is annoying enough, so we are shuttying down the baby-makers.

Crystal said...

... and puppies are easier than human babies!!!!!!!!!