Picture of the day

| Thursday, February 21, 2008

We weighed the littlest wookie this morning. No, he didn't willingly get on the scale, I weighed myself holding him and alone and subtracted. He weighs 11 pounds. When we got him 1 month ago (1/21/08), he weighed 5 pounds, so he has more than doubled in weight!

On another note, he loves snow; by that I mean he loves to eat the snow and get it all over his face. Here he is in the post-eclipse morning sun.


Crystal said...

11lbs!!!!!!!!! He's as big as Sylar!!

DLC said...

Chris is convinced Chewie is going to be 30 pounds.

Crystal said...

After looking up information on past puppies, Chewie's actually below the average! Madison was almost 11lbs at only 10wks old! And she's 23lbs 16inches now!